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Minimizing air borne dust gives major health & safety benefits.
Increased productivity with no waiting for dust to clear.
Clean up the messy jobs and do them on regular time.
Safer work conditions with no dust to resist operators vision.
Reduced set up, hoarding of work areas & clean up.
Ease of use & increased life of Power tools & equipment.
Dustcontrol was founded in 1972 on the basis of an idea for creating extraction systems to capture dust and other pollutants at the source. Today Dustcontrol has developed into an international industrial supplier of boiler-made solution. Our product range consist of portable dust extraction for industrial and construction site fixed extraction installations, peripheral equipment and accessories.  
Our commitment is to provide you with the highest levels of service support; and original spare parts; so as to ensure optimal performance of our solution systems and products throughout their life span. When you sign a service and maintenance contract, you can stop worrying about costly down time or production stoppage.Dustcontrol and maintenance contracts are customized to your needs covering everything from regular schedule checks to major service overhauls. You choose the service level and equipment you want to cover.  
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